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Food and fund drives are a great way for a community or civic organization to get involved in hunger relief. We gratefully accept the proceeds of food drives at schools, churches, and other organizations. Please see our wish list for the items we can always use here at Second Harvest.

Food Drive 101

  • Plan Ahead – Decide when you want to hold your food drive and contact Second Harvest at 610-434-0875. We can provide you with promotional posters and other materials to make your drive a success. We can also supply you with our logo, provided you fill out the Guidelines For Events to Benefit Second Harvest.

  • Set a Goal - Competition brings out the best in people, so if you are working within a group or organization, it helps to set goals and award prizes. The rivalry and the support within the group will encourage donations more than working on an individual basis.

  • Encourage Financial Contributions – Forget to bring cans? Allow people to write checks. Every $1 donated allows us to distribute 7 meals. We will happily send receipts for tax purposes to anyone who wishes to donate money to your drive, just be sure to collect their contact information.

  • Deliver your donations – All food drive donations can be dropped off at our warehouse between 7:00 AM and 2:30 PM. For larger donations, or for help locating one of our member agencies that is closer to you, contact Second Harvest.

  • Celebrate Your Success - Organize a ceremony at the conclusion of the food drive to recognize and thank all of your donors.

The busiest months for food donations are November and December; however, we struggle to meet the needs of our six-county service area the rest of the year. One way to keep food donations coming in all year long is to plan a food drive for one of the many holidays that occur between January and October. Organizing a successful food drive during the “off season” can be easy if you plan ahead.  Popular events such as St. Patrick’s Day give you a convenient theme for your food drive.

While we appreciate all donations, there are some things we can not accept at Second Harvest. We can not take some perishable items, food in open containers, or items beyond safe consumption. We also can not accept home canned or home processed foods. If you’re unsure about something you’ve collected, don’t worry; all donations are sorted and checked for safety before distribution to our member agencies.

If you are planning a food or fund drive, please submit your event to our calendar.


*These guidelines can be modified to fit your particular food or fund drive. Call Second Harvest with any questions or clarifications.