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September 8th SHFB Outreach Committee Meeting -


September 9th SHFB Development Committee Meeting -


September 10th SHFB Operations Committee Meeting -


September 12th Food Drive -

Niagara Bottling
(one day event)

September 13th Food Drive -

Village at Willow Lane
(through 9/18/15)

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September is

Join us this month in the fight to end hunger right here in our communities.  Whether it's by advocating and raising awareness, making donations, or giving your time and energy, everyone can do something to fight hunger this month.

Connect with us on social media using #hungeractionmonth to share your experiences and to see what others are doing this Hunger Action Month.


Speak Out Against Hunger:

30 Ways in 30 Days

Start with our calendar of "30 Ways in 30 Days" which provides an easy way you can fight hunger with your friends, family, and coworkers every day in September.  Activities range from planning food drives to taking a "Spoon-Selfie" to let your friends know you are fighting hunger.

Check out this week's ways:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


Volunteer for Seniors

Help fill SUNShine Boxes with food for low-income seniors.  Click here to register.


Share 30 Ways

Click here to download this calendar and send it to your friends or post it on the fridge at work.

Hunger Action Day™!

Wear orange today to show your support in the fight against hunger.


Find us on Facebook

  Like us on Facebook and suggest us to your friends to help spread awareness about hunger in your community.

Find Your Local Food Pantry

Use the zip code locator on our website to find your local food pantry so you can contact them to see what their needs are.

Download your full calendar now (PDF)


 Why Do We Need Your Help?

Hunger Facts

Food insecurity can have wide-ranging consequences on the physical and mental health of adults, including more vulnerable populations such as pregnant women and seniors.  Lack of access to a nutritious and adequate food supply has implications not only for the development of physical and mental disesase, but also behaviors and social skills.

Proper nutrition is also vital to the growth and development of children, and research indicates poor nutrition during the first years affects a child's capacity to learn - and any interruption in nutrition may have lastin effects.  Ensuring that our nation's children have adequate access to nutritious food is not only critical to their health and education, but is also vital to our nation's prosperity.

Learn about hunger in your county.


Use Your Voice

You can use your voice to help us advocate for those struggling with hunger.  Below, find links to templates for emails and letters that you can send to spread the word about Hunger Action Month.  You can edit the documents to fit your voice and style.

Email Your Friends and Family (Word)
Write a Letter to the Editor (Word)
Write a Letter to Your Elected Official (Word)

Calling All Hunger Heroes

Kids' Activities

Kids, you can also join the fight to end hunger!  Check out our "30 Ways in 30 Days" calendar to see if there are any days in which you'd be interested in participating.  You can also ask your parents to help you.  Here are some other activities you can do:

Change Hunger (PDF)
Hunger Action Month Coloring Page (PDF)

Take a Spoon-Selfie


Take a selfie with a spoon balanced on your nose and post it on social media with #Spoontember.  Be sure to tag Second Harvest (@SHFBLV) and Feeding America (@FeedingAmerica).  Tag your friends as well and challenge them to do the same!

Second Harvest Contacts

Have a question about an activity or something else going on at Second Harvest?
Here's who you can contact:

Food or Fund Drives or Making a Donation:
Sharon Alexander, Development Coordinator
salexander@caclv.org or 610-434-0875

Hunger Advocacy or Statistics:
Janet Ney, Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator
jney@caclv.org or 484-893-1106

SNAP (Food Stamps) Statistics:
Kathryn Hoffman, Food Stamp Outreach Coordinator
khoffman@caclv.org or 610-434-0875

Janet Meyer, Project Coordinator
jmeyer@caclv.org or 610-434-0875


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